Continuous Thread (CT) Caps

Century Plastics closures are being distributed nationwide. We offer sizes ranging from 24mm to 120mm. We also offer quick delivery of our stock colors in black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue. Please contact us for a quote on our stock items. Custom colors are also available upon request. If you have a custom closure need, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote for your specific need. All confidentiality will be maintained.

We have several standard lining options:

  • Foam: foam material is white and offered in a .030 thickness.
  • Pressure Sensitive: our pressure sensitive liners are printed in black with Sealed For Your Protection.
  • Heat Seal: we offer heat seal liners for HDPE/PE, PET/PVC, and universal.
Dia. Size Height Side Finish Top Finish  
24/ 400 Fine Ribbed Matte

24/ 410 Fine Ribbed Matte
28/ 400 Fine Ribbed Matte
28/ 410 Fine Ribbed Matte
38/ 400 Fine Ribbed Matte
38/ 400 Fine Ribbed Smooth
45/ 400 Fine Ribbed Smooth
45/ 400 Smooth Smooth
53/ 400 Fine Ribbed Smooth
53/ 400 Smooth Smooth
89/ 400 Fine Ribbed Smooth
89/ 400 Smooth Smooth
89/ 400 Fine Ribbed Matte


For price quotes, contact us.

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CT Cap 24/400 (Code: C240)
Boxes are packed at 4,500
Weight: 21 Lbs
CT Cap 24/410 (Code: C241)
Boxes are packed at 3,100
Weight: 20 Lbs
CT Cap 28/400 (Code: C280)
Boxes are packed at 4,000
Weight: 22 Lbs
CT Cap 28/410 (Code: C281)
Boxes are packed at 2,400
Weight: 21 Lbs
CT Cap 38/400 (Code: C380)
Boxes are packed at 2,250
Weight: 21 Lbs
CT Cap 45/400 (Code: C450)
Boxes are packed at 1,600
Weight: 21 Lbs
CT Cap 53/400 (Code: C530)
Boxes are packed at 1,200
Weight: 19 Lbs
CT Cap 89/400 (Code: C890)
Boxes are packed at 275
Weight: 16 Lbs
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