Cage Cups

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NS-1 (Code: F-004-0002-01-1)
Size 1/2 pint, 390 pieces per box.
0.65 USD
Weight: 50 Lbs
NS-2 (Code: F-004-0002-01-2)
Size 1/2 pint, 375 pieces per box
0.72 USD
Weight: 55 Lbs
NS-3 (Code: F-004-0001-01-3)
Size 1 quart, 140 pieces per box
1.15 USD
Weight: 35 Lbs
NS-4 (Code: F-004-0002-01-4)
Size 1/2 pint, 420 pieces per box
0.53 USD
Weight: 45 Lbs
NS-5 (Code: F-004-0001-01-5)
Size 1 pint, 135 pieces per box
1.11 USD
Weight: 35 Lbs
NS-6 (Code: F-004-0028-01-0)
Size 1/2 pint, 308 pieces per box
0.60 USD
Weight: 35 Lbs
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