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About Us

Century Plastics, Inc. was started in 1983 by Dominick Morabito to meet growing demand for low cost production while maintaining high quality standards. CPI is owned and operated by the Morabito family, which has over 30 years experience in the plastics industry.

Over the years, CPI has grown from a 1,000 square foot "garage" with one injection molding machine to a 220,000 square foot facility with 42 injection molding machines, ranging from 110 ton to 1,750 ton. In 1998 CPI expanded its business to include a proprietary line of continuous thread closures and tattoo ink caps. In 2011, CPI launched it's new line of spout caps, now being distributed nationwide.

Century Plastics, Inc. strives to meet and exceed the needs of it customers by providing quality products and insuring customer satisfaction. When you do business with Century Plastics, you are not just a business associate, you are part of the CPI family.

Our Capabilities

Finishing and Assembly Capabilities

Century Plastics offers extensive secondary and assembly operations from decorating to full assembly and distribution to large major retailers.  We can perform simple sub assemblies to display ready pack-outs and assemblies.  At Century Plastics we offer:

Decorating ~ Hot Stamping ~ Pad Printing ~ In Mold Decorating ~ Overlay Molding ~ Insert Molding ~ Spin Welding ~ Packaging ~ Heat Staking ~ Sub Assembly ~ Full Assembly ~ Distribution

Our Quality

Century Plastics Quality Department monitors in-processing tooling, molding, and assembly operations. The quality group also collects and prepares product validation data per customer specifications. This data may encompass:

  • First article layout and inspection
  • Products testing
  • Capability studies using statistical process control data.

Century Plastics has a structured and documented quality control system based on ISO 9000 requirements and CGMP and has a documented Drug Master File.

Quality Policy:


Our History

Century Plastics, Inc. was started in 1983 by Dominick Morabito and his sons while working from his garage.  Dominick’s concept for his business was to provide a quality product for customers needs and if along the way he helped provide employment for people, then that was an added plus.  Long hours, hard work as well as his drive and ambition helped him to pursue his goals.   
He took the knowledge he had been taught from his father to build, operate and fix machines to establish what now is an ever growing company.  From the beginning he started with only a 1,000 square foot garage with one machine to what has become a 220,000 square foot facility with 43 injection molding machines.  Century has tried to maintain that down home feel yet provide quality products for customers.  “We’ve come a long way from back in the day”.  “From having to haul water with buckets from the creek and then carrying it back to the garage to keep the oil and the molds cool in order for the machines to work”.      
Dominick and his sons have always focused on the fact that outstanding customer service and satisfaction is first and foremost.